Dates For The 2013 GDT User Conference Announced

GDT User Conference 2013 is a 3-day educational and knowledge transfer gathering for the GDT and Micro Focus COBOL Community and will run from June 2nd to the 5th in San Diego, California.

GDT User Conference Overview and Details

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Day1 | June 3, 2013 Sessions Include:

  • What’s New in GDT V5.1
  • Exposing your COBOL Applications Part I (Your COBOL Repository)
  • Exposing your COBOL Applications Part II (Your COBOL Programs in action)
  • Optimizing your Repository (Part I) “COBOL program and JCL optimization”

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Day2 | June 4, 2013 Sessions Include:

  • Optimizing your Repository (Part II) “Operations Optimization”
  • GDT AutoPilot (AuPi) – Demonstration
  • Small Programs Doing Big Things! (The power of COBOL programs)
  • GDT Roadmap / Micro Focus Roadmap

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Day 3 | June 5, 2013 Sessions Include:

  • Customer Roundtable – GDT Product and Support Influence Session
  • ARI Case Study: GDT V5 Upgrade
  • The LINDAB Migration Case Study
  • Sonepar Case Study

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Register for the 2013 GDT User Conference – June 2-5

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GCOS Migrations… some case studies from the InfoSol archives

Moving down nostalgia lane again… here are some case studies from the InfoSol archives.

GCOS 7 to Windows Migrated Systems “Just Screaming” at GopherGopher Electronics of St. Paul Minnesota, successfully completed a 6.5 month migration of all their GCOS 7 applications in mid-June, 2003, to become the first customer to go into full production with the GDT Thin Client solution. Gopher Migration EYE Reprint
Major GDT GCOS Migration to Sun Solaris Gets UnderwayA major corporation in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has selected InfoSol and the GDT Migration Solution to transition its remaining GCOS applications and infrastructure to an open systems environment. The company uses a combination of special hardware and software that includes light pens for scanning, and bar code label printers, which interface with GCOS 7 TDS transactions through customized client applications and application programmatic interfaces. The equipment and transactions have to execute with sub-second response times.
ICAO Migrates from GCOS 7 to Windows 2000 with GDTThe International Civil Aviation Organization, headquartered in Montreal, Canada, recently completed a successful migration of its remaining GCOS 7 applications to Windows 2000 using the GDT toolset.The applications were financial and payroll batch systems which had been running on the legacy environment for more than 20 years.The migration work was performed exclusively by ICAO programming staff after receiving initial training and hands-on assistance from InfoSol.

Placer County Migrates Last GCOS Applications to WindowsBack in the mid 1980’s, Placer County supported all of its County applications on two, high-end coupled DPS 7 computers, and was one of the largest GCOS 7 sites in the U.S.After more than a quarter century of running critical applications on GCOS platforms, the County of Placer in Auburn, California, finally disconnected its last Bull mainframe.

ARI Starts Major Migration from GCOS to Windows 2000 DatacenterAutomotive Resources International (ARI) of Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, a long-standing GCOS mainframe user, has embarked on a major migration of its remaining GCOS COBOL applications to a Windows 2000 Datacenter based environment.Over the last few years, ARI has been gradually reengineering their applications to a Windows NT/ORACLE environment. The forecast to complete this effort was many years, and ARI felt they needed to accelerate the pace of moving to this new environment in order to remain competitive. ARI
Universal Studios Royalty System Moves from GCOS to Windows NTUniversal Studios Canada needed to move its artists royalty system off of their DPS 7000 system, which was due to be phased out. The application consisted of COBOL and Mantis on-line programs, and a large number of batch programs and JCL streams. All the files were indexed sequential. InfoSol migrated the entire application to a Windows NT server with Windows98 client PC’s. Universal Studios Case Study

Gage Marketing Migrates from GCOS to NTMichigan operation of Gage Marketing was running several critical applications on a Bull DPS 7000 configuration that was plagued with failing hardware problems, not Year 2000 compliant and costing a great deal of both financial and people resources to maintain. Today, the same applications are running in an NT client/server environment on new, low-cost, high availability, commodity hardware, fully Year 2000 compliant and being maintained at a very low cost. Gage Case Study
City of Santa Clara Goes GCOS to NT at the Touch of a SwitchThe City of Santa Clara, has provided public utilities in the Santa Clara area for many decades.Their utility billing systems (also many decades old) resided on a Bull DPS 7000. Access to the GCOS 7 based data was limited and the City needed to perform extensive decision support analysis on this data.A decision was made to migrate all of the City’s GCOS 7 based applications to a client/ server Windows NT environment, make them Year 2000 compliant and develop a Data Mart for decision support that would use the utility billing data. City of Santa Clara Case Study
Prudential Steel of Canada Migrates from GCOS to Windows NT in Four MonthsWith Year 2000 looming, and an old DPS 7 system that could not be made Y2K compliant, Prudential Steel of Calgary, Alberta, Canada had to find a way to move or replace its legacy applications. Prudential Steel Case Study
Bissell Makes a Clean Sweep from GCOS to Windows NTGrand Rapids, MI: The user’s screens look exactly the same, the reports look the same. In fact, to the users at Bissell Graphics, a subsidiary of The Bissell Corporation, everything in terms of their interface to the main computer system appears to be the same. However, there is one major difference. At the beginning of August, the computer applications were running on a Bull DPS 7000 under GCOS 7, now they are running on a quad-Pentium processor Compaq server under Windows NT 4.0. Bissell Case Study

InfoSol and MetaWare Partner to Provide GCOS Conversion Services Utilizing PHOENIX® Technology

Rick Pedigo - 2002

An oldie but goodie – and certainly a keeper from the archives…

Call me silly but I love the photo of Rick Pedigo on the phone. Other than a few more wrinkles and darker tanned skin (from weekend hikes in the desert), Rick is still the same. Click on the photo for posterity.  It’s a link to InfoSol’s Information EYE article originally published in Q3 of 2002.

You may be wondering how I came across this newsletter.  Well, we are in the process of migrating our InfoSol website this weekend and so we are finding some treasures.  It’s been tough deciding what to keep and what to let go of, but isn’t that true of life in general?

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