Poor Quality Code

Here’s an older but Interesting Article on CIO.com.  Bill Curtis from Cast said

“there are many people going into Java now that really don’t have strong computer science backgrounds. We may just be seeing the fact that there is an awful lot of people writing code who aren’t gurus in software engineering.”

What does that really mean?

I was always told that students do not learn COBOL at school because it is not modern. Now I read that they learned the modern language Java but only up to the point to write “Hello World”?
I have to repeat my most important message again! How can we make students understand that COBOL is not dead? How can we make Teachers understand that they have to teach even so called dead languages?

Let’s start the Discussion! You, yes you, who just read it, play the Ball.

I think it will not be the last time to repeat this.

Here’s the full article.

CIO article snip

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