Interest is strong with the COBOL PortFolioAnalysis tool

After making a debut almost a year ago now, the COBOL PortFolioAnalysis tool has provided an incredible analysis boost to a very large customer out east. The tool is analyzing over a thousand JCL and COBOL programs, mapping data and flow of the programs and JCL in a matter of minutes. The results can be ported to a relational database and programs can also be completely flowed out in a graphical flow representation (visio, word, pdf). This tool will be vital in upcoming mainframe migrations to determine the actual programs, JCL and datafiles that will need to be migrated. As we are continually enhancing the tool, we are now looking at implementing an “Impact Analysis” process into the tool. As the population of COBOL programmers declines, and knowledge of the COBOL programs (that remain the heart of processing for many businesses) diminishes, a tool such as the COBOL PortFolioAnalysis will become extremely important to help these companies understand the business rules and aid the developers in maintaining the COBOL environment.

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Doug Evans is the Technical Manager of Migrations and COBOL Solutions Support for Infosol, Inc.

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