GDT V5.1 / Net Express V5.1 environment up and running on Win 7 64 bit machine!

A complete GDT v5.1 / Net Express 5.1 environment including GDT_ODS / GDT_ETL / EYESYS ENTERPRISE is up and running on Windows 7 64 bit platform.

This took some time going from 32 bit to 64 bit environment but we are up and running!

I ran into some issues with 32bit .exe’s (GDT_ETL, GDT_ODS), getting them to run in 64 bit environment, but the corflags command under Visual Studio 2008 command prompt started as administrator fixed this issue.

Also, had to install IIS 7.5 and make sure all features under Application Development Features (when you run Programs and Features) are installed.

Creating a veirtual directory in IIS was a little tricky because the default website was using port 80 which was being used by SKYPE.  Stopping SKYPE resolved this issue and thinclient session via eyesys started fine.

I learned alot about the Win 7 environment by getting this environment set up.